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Desert Sniper Spy Pigeon Hunt


Desert Sniper Spy Pigeon Hunt is awesome spy pigeon hunting & desert sniper shooting 3d game. This Desert Sniper Shooting game is really beautiful game and you will hunt Spy Pigeon by using Sniper rifle. If you are a good desert hunter and love to play desert hunting games then you will really like this Desert Sniper Spy Pigeon Hunt 3D game. This is free for all to download, try it now and play the beautiful Desert hunting shooting game and share with your friends. This Desert Sniper shooting to Spy Pigeon is best & awesome game for you to play as sniper shooter. So get ready to hunt Spy Pigeon in desert. Hunt more and more Spy Pigeon before they goes away unlock the higher game levels.Desert Spy Pigeon is collecting and getting activities information in the area and you mission is to shoot more Spy Pigeon in the Desert Jungle to protect your activities. Complete your mission to hunt Spy Pigeon Bird within the allotted time & complete the levels otherwise game will be timed out and you need to restart the game level again. We have 10 levels in this initial advance 3D Spy Pigeon Shooting Simulator.
Hope you really enjoy this Desert Sniper Hunting 3D Simulator Game. The goal of the game is to improve the sniper skills by hunting spy pigeon in the beautiful jungle desert, and the hunt is trying to survive against the sniper fire and try to hide him from the eyes of the sniper shooter. You can improve your hunting skills by chasing the hunt against hunt survival.
This Desert Sniper Shooting and Spy Pigeon Hunt is an amazing and addictive action pack game to take you to an ultimate adventure in the most realistic environment you are on the mission to hunt Spy pigeons. Grab your gun, test your sniper skills using sniper gun and don't let the Spy Pigeon escape & hunt the duck. Let’s try this awesome 3D game as Spy Pigeon hunter in the desert jungle.
Realistic Desert Jungle environment.Hunt Spy Pigeon using beautiful sniper gun.Awesome HD graphics with beautiful sounds and Spy Pigeon flying animations.10 Challenging levels/game-play with nice environment.Efficient gun controlBeautiful Spy Pigeon Shooting Simulator
How to Play Desert Sniper Spy Pigeon Hunt
Swipe your finger to control the sniper rifle.Focus on flying Spy Pigeon and fireEasy touch and drag game play to rotate axis.Camera zooms to get accurate shots.100% shooting accuracy this will enhance your sniper shooting skills.Finish it in a given time; this will create charm in the game play.Have a fun playing with spy pigeon hunting simulator 3d game.
If you have any suggestions or ideas for the game improvement, Please contact us, we will try our best to improve the user experience for our valued customers.